Branding & packaging system which was created to reinvigorate Old Navy's Basic Knits business – including tees, tanks, and underwear. Tee shirts for the whole family had been updated with new range of styles, some of which have special details such as wicking. I designed a branding system which included a heat stamp tag, packaging, and icons, to signal these changes to the customer.

I also explored what a dedicated "tee shop" could look like in-store. These concepts were designed with Old Navy's new store design in mind.

The project was kicked off with competitor research and meetings with product designers to get a better understanding of the product and the message we needed to convey to our customer. This research was used to create a mood board to start narrowing down the mood of the brand. This was followed by design exploration and culminated in the completed system.

Creative direction: Paul Tew,  Art direction: Calvin Leung, Sean Lopano

Basic Knits